Texas Tech University

For Faculty

Screen Assignments for Originality Using SafeAssign

by Gail Alleyne-Bayne, Program Manager

Blackboard makes it easy to create assignments to check for plagiarism with SafeAssign. SafeAssign is the plagiarism detection software that is built into Blackboard Learn. SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a set of sources to identify unoriginal content in papers, and produces an Originality Report.

A SafeAssign assignment looks like a regular assignment in Blackboard with the exception that there is a section for Plagiarism Tools, which allows the instructor to setup the assignment as a Safe assignment. In other words, SafeAssign is integrated into the Assignment Tool. You do not go to another location in Blackboard to create your Safe assignment. There is also a feature in SafeAssign which gives instructors the ability to allow students to submit work, view the Originality Report, and then edit their work before submitting the final copy to be graded.

For more information and tutorials on SafeAssign, go to the Blackboard SafeAssign Tool web page. For technical assistance contact Blackboard Support at (806) 742-7227 or email blackboard@ttu.edu.