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Central Texas Regional Sites Welcome New Admissions Staff

By Megan Toscano, Student Assistant &
David Chapman, Section Manager

Bret Baze, Admissions Counselor - TTU at Hill College.

Bret Baze, Admissions Counselor - TTU at Hill College.

Texas Tech University is proud to introduce Mallory Barnett and Richard “Bret” Baze as the new admissions counselors for the Texas Tech University regional sites at Waco and Hill College! Both are Texas Tech graduates and are excited to bring educational opportunities to future Red Raiders in their communities.

As the new admissions counselors, Barnett and Baze will be helping organize recruitment events for the Waco and Hill College sites, while also promoting the school to potential students and their parents. They will meet, or communicate via phone or email, with incoming students to discuss their application status and to provide them with information about financial aid, scholarships, programs and majors.

Baze has an Associate of Arts from Hill College and graduated magna cum laude from Texas Tech University at the Hill College regional site. His extensive knowledge and background with Texas Tech at Hill College allow him to provide some perspective to new students.

When asked what attracted him to the education field, Baze replied, “Really, it was being on the other side of the desk. I was a student that was assisted by two different advisors that really helped me fulfill my goals, listened to my frustrations as I went through it, and we're always available to answer my questions. I enjoy helping people in the same way.”

Mallory Barnett, Admissions Counselor - TTU at Waco.

Mallory Barnett, Admissions Counselor - TTU at Waco.

Barnett is a Lubbock, Texas native and graduated from Texas Tech with her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations in 2017. She held various professional marketing and PR positions, including a stint as a marketing specialist for Sea World San Antonio, before moving to Waco with her fiancé to pursue the next chapter of her life.

According to Barnett, her background in marketing is helpful when connecting with potential and current TTU Waco students. “Social media knowledge and public relations/advertising campaign experience are my primary methods for reaching these students”, she says. “I can create these relationships on a personal level, while also helping them see a clearer picture of where Texas Tech Waco fits into their future.”

And the future for both regional sites look bright! With increasing demands for higher education options offered close to home or online, both TTU Hill College and TTU Waco continue to see increased enrollments and interest in their communities.

Both Barnett and Baze offer some great advice to any student considering transferring or attending Texas Tech at either of these sites. Barnett encourages students to “think about what they want to accomplish in life and pursue it fearlessly. We are here to help students achieve their goals, no matter the circumstances. Even if a student is not 100% sure of what they want to do, having a fearless attitude will help them immensely when it comes to deciding on a program and completing the coursework.”

Baze enthusiastically adds, “It's a no-brainer! What a great way to earn your diploma. You can stay home, continue in the job you already have, and continue to complete your educational goals. And let's not forget the scholarship opportunities.”

We look forward to seeing the successes of these two inspiring Red Raiders as they the educational opportunities available in their areas. Bear our banners far and wide, you two!