Texas Tech University

Leslie Sotomayor

An Event for Indigenous Peoples Day, October 10, 2022

Leslie Sotomayor

I discuss Gloria Anzaldúa's (2015) theories of Conocimiento and Autohistoria-teoría as I theorize parts of my Taíno paternal lineage from Utuado, Puerto Rico while working in my studio painting art practice.

The Taíno people, often Thought to have been killed off by Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean, have historically been buried. However, historical and research accounts are being revised for this inaccuracy and serve in conjunction with the Taíno Resurgence Movement.

I lay a theoretical frame for bridging spaces that embody an in-between Space where my work as a border artist inhabits creative temporal homes on canvas and are suspended in theoretical imaginaries. I document my theorizing of history and self through my art studio process and feminist writing practice of visual testimonios.