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Special 2018 Thanksgiving Edition
We are thankful for all of our students. Here are some of their stories.

Tenlee Nyman

Tenlee Nyman

Of all the options out there, Tenlee's parents decided TTU K‑12 was the best school for her.

Jesse Plemons

A headshot of Jesse Plemons

TTU K-12 alumnus Jesse Plemons nominated for second Emmy.

Brister Brothers

A headshot of Brister Brothers

These brothers from Lampasas are lifelong TTU K-12 students, where they have the freedom to achieve excellence.

Ryan Almusawi

A headshot of Ryan Almusawi

TTU K-12 gave high school senior Ryan Almusawi the freedom to start a nonprofit.

Karyme Renteria

A headshot of Karyme Renteria

First-generation college student, Karyme Renteria, receives TACS/TTU K‑12 Scholarship.

Katye Clark

A headshot of Katye Clark

TTU K-12 becomes solution for school bullying.

Rachel Koerner

A headshot of Rachel Koerner  

When invited to study at the Houston Ballet Academy, Rachel knew needed a whole different way to attend school.

Mohana Krishnan

A headshot of Mohana Krishnan

TTU K-12 gives Mohana the freedom to shoot "I Am Frankie" on Nickelodeon.

Gonzales Twins

A headshot of Gonzales Twins

Daniel and Joshua moved to Mexico with no options for school. Now they are TTU K-12 graduates and students at TTU.

Austin Chatfield

A headshot of Austin Chatfield

Austin is pursuing a career in entertainment. Taking courses through TTU K-12 allows him more time to practice and perform.

Bruno Helmer

A headshot of Bruno Helmer

Bruno Helmer, a TTU K-12 alumnus, is graduating from Texas Tech University.

Presley Duyck

A headshot of Presley Duyck

Graduating high school early with the help of TTU K-12, Presley is a triple threat, and well on her way to Broadway.

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