Texas Tech University

2011 Meats Team

2011 National Champions

Left to Right, Front Row: Dr. Mark Miller, Faith Jurek, Natalee Smith, Andrea Nordman, Mandy-Jo Laurent, Kaitlyn True, Jerra McMath, Amanda White, Shanna Ward. Back Row: Dakotah Williams, Cody Sultenfuss, Drew Cashman, Craig Russell, Travis Begley, Zach Smith, Cody Helms, and Blaine Corliss.

National Western-Second Place Team

Zach Smith-4th Place

Travis Begley-8th Place

Fort Worth Livestock Show-First Place Team

Dakotah Williams-1st Place

Travis Begley-2nd Place

Zach Smith-7th Place

Houston Livestock Show-First Place Team

Natalee Smith-2nd Place

Cody Sultenfuss-4th Place

Zach Smith-6th Place

Drew Cashman-7th Place

Craig Russell-8th Place

Travis Begley-10th Place

Eastern National-First Place Team

Jerra McMath-2nd Place

Zach Smith-4th Place

Dakotah Williams-9th Place

American Royal-First Place Team

Jerra McMath-2nd Place

Dakotah Williams-4th Place

Drew Cashman-6th Place

Cargill High Plains-Fourth Place Team

Zach Smith-2nd Place

Dakotah Williams-9th Place

International-First Place Team

Jerra McMath-4th Place

Travis Begley-5th Place

Zach Smith-7th Place

Dakotah Williams-10th Place

Meat Science & Muscle Biology