Texas Tech University

Ethics Workshops and Seminars

Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

Awarding Professional Development Hours for Continuing Professional Competency


For information about speakers, presentation outlines/agendas, and fees contact the Murdough Center:

Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism
Texas Tech University
Edward E. Whitacre Jr. College of Engineering
Box 41023
Lubbock, TX 79409-1023
Phone: 806.742.3525
Fax: 806.742.0444
Email: engineering.ethics@ttu.edu

Available Formats

  • 30 minute After Dinner/Lunch Talk
  • One-Hour Seminars Based on Short Written/Oral Cases
  • 1.5-Hour Seminars using Comprehensive NIEE Ethics Movies
  • Structured Seminar/Workshop (2 to 8 hours duration)
  • Custom Designed Seminars and Workshops (4 to 16 hours duration)

Optional Materials

(possible additional cost)

  • Customized handouts
  • Certificates of Completion

NOTE: Without express written consent, presentations shall not be recorded or transmitted by any means.

Murdough Center for Engineering Professionalism