Texas Tech University

Office of Official Publications


The Office of Official Publications is responsible for the publication and dissemination of academic-related information for Texas Tech University, including the printed and online Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog, online Faculty Handbook, the School of Law Catalog, academic calendar, and the online Operating Policies Manual. In addition, the office is responsible for publishing commencement programs.


Current-year catalog information is available through the links above. A  PDF version of the current-year catalog is also available for download. The online Law School catalog can be viewed here. Past catalogs dating to the 1997-1998 academic year are available on our PDF archive web page.

Commencement Program

August 5, 2023 commencement program cover

An electronic version of the Texas Tech University Summer 2023 commencement program is available for download. Copies of recent programs are available on our PDF archive web page. For permission to reproduce the program, please email officialpublications@ttu.edu

Official Publications