Texas Tech University

Work Sector: Agriculture

Lead grassroots efforts to fight hunger in a changing world. Agricultural Volunteers work with small-scale farmers and families to increase food security and production and adapt to climate change while promoting environmental conservation practices. They introduce farmers to techniques that prevent soil erosion, reduce the use of harmful pesticides, and replenish the soil. They work alongside farmers on integrated projects that often combine vegetable gardening, livestock management, agroforestry, and nutrition education.

If you choose Agriculture, take three courses from one of the following areas:

ACOM 3300. Communicating Agriculture to the Public (3)

Principles and procedures in communicating agricultural news and information to general and specialized audiences through presentations and various media. S. (Writing Intensive)

AGED 2304. Agriculture and Society (3)

An examination of relationships between agriculture and society, the environment, and population. Emphasizes agriculture's use of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Fulfills multicultural requirement.

AGLS 1300. Agricultural Leadership Principles (3)

Principles of leadership and personal skill development. Emphasizes leadership styles, types of management, group dynamics, and managing change as applied to agriculture. (Writing Intensive)

AGLS 3314. Team Leadership Development in Agriculture and Natural Resources (3)

Exploration of strategies and techniques for successful teams, including conflict management, facilitation, and negotiation, skill building, and experimental activities in agriculture and natural resources.

AGLS 3315. Personal Leadership Development in Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources (3)

Principles, theories and application of interpersonal skills required to develop strong leadership in the agricultural and natural resource context.

And build 50 hours of related field experience through an activity such as:

  • Working with a large-scale or family-run business involving vegetable gardening, farming, nursery work, tree planting or care, urban forestry, livestock care and management, or fish cultivation and production
    Teaching or tutoring the public in environmental or agricultural issues/activities.
  • Working on the business management or marketing side of a commercial farm.
  • Examples of volunteer activities for students at Texas Tech.
    • Volunteer to help organize the university's Arbor Day Celebration.
    • Engage in internships on local cotton farms to learn about the practice of local agribusiness.
    • Work with the local wildlife rescue program

Visit www.peacecorps.gov/volunteer/learn/whatvol/agr/

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