Not All Fire is Bad: The Prescribed Burn Process at Lubbock Lake Landmark

Fire is dangerous and destructive, but it’s also an important tool in natural resources management.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire – literally. Scott Trevey, historic maintenance supervisor at Lubbock Lake Landmark, served as the fire boss for a prescribed burn conducted during late summer 2016.

In keeping with the Lubbock Lake Landmark’s goal of preservation, the site staff works to maintain the area to appear as it did in the 1880s. Depending on the conditions of the landscape, sometimes a prescribed burn is needed to achieve that goal.

A prescribed burn can eliminate invasive plant species and reduce future fire risks. A plan is devised, which takes into account the weather, grass moisture, notifying neighbors, and any other factors that may impact the burn. Even then, it's not as simple as striking a match and watching it burn. Watch Trevey and his burn crew go through the process.

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