cracked dirt in forground, receding water in background

Water Withdrawal

Cities, towns, farmers and energy companies keep pumping the water below us, and Texas Tech researchers are trying to keep the balance sheet in the black.

He calls them GRADES. And many of them have started to fail across the globe.

Venki Uddameri, director of Texas Tech’s Water Resource Center said that we, living atop the South Plains of Texas, also live in a GRADE, which stands for Groundwater Reliant Agriculturally Dominant Environment.



tubes with microbes in them

Every Last Drop

New water-recovery technology could be used in manned space missions.

desert horizon at sunset with cacti silhouettes

Arid Assignment

‘In the Field’ Host describes desert research project in first-person tale of sweat, sun and water sampling.

open cotton bolls in field

The Future of Fiber

Texas Tech researchers are developing genetically modified cotton that can thrive in high heat and low water conditions.