Letter from the Editor

A new design. Even more great content.

A person prepares to write on a blank sheet of paper in a notepad with a cup of coffee and a tablet within the frame.

It’s the most important thing we humans do.

Discovery. The act of finding or learning something for the first time. We do it every day here at Texas Tech University, and the implications of those discoveries impact our daily lives on a regular basis.

When we first published Texas Tech Discoveries five years ago, our goal was to bring to you the important research, scholarship and creative activity of our faculty and students and talk about the impact their discoveries have on our world.

As we have grown and progressed, we wanted to increase our story-telling abilities. This new and improved e-zine is full of the same interesting stories. But now, we’re including a special sight-and-sound feature as well as a new video series called “In the Field.” Both of these features are designed to give you a taste of what researchers experience in their work and show you just how much fun making discoveries can be.

This edition looks at the ever-growing epidemic of obesity. Not only does this epidemic affect millions of people worldwide, but also it costs billions. As our scientists have looked at this growing epidemic, they have uncovered the many complexities that have caused it. Texas Tech researchers are on the forefront trying to better understand this epidemic and create solutions to counter it.

We hope you enjoy the new magazine, and feel free to share it with friends and acquaintances.


John Davis, Editor

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