Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University Professor Honored With Distinguished Scientist Award


allison childress

Allison Childress, an assistant professor of nutritional sciences in the College of Human Sciences, received the 2018 Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Distinguished Scientist Award. 

This award honors dieticians in Texas who have made significant contributions in their field as well as in nutrition and food science. 

Childress said she was shocked to receive this award, through it, she feels her research has been appreciated.

“I am humbled to receive this award from my colleagues across the state of Texas,” Childress said. “It is truly an honor to receive such an award from my peers. It feels so good to know my work has been acknowledged with high regard.”

Receiving this award keeps Childress motivated, she said. Doing research comes with ups and downs, and having the recognition fuels her fire to continue the work. 

Childress said the reason she conducts her research is to improve and enhance the human condition, which also is part of the mission statement at the College of Human Sciences.

“As a researcher in the College of Human Sciences, I strive to embody our mission and values, and I am proud to represent and promote our outstanding college,” Childress said.