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Request for Proposals

Analytical Support for Desalination of Texas Oilfield Waste Produced Water

This Request for Proposal (RFP) pertains to the intended provision of analytical support by Texas Produced Water Consortium to support assessment of treatment capabilities and associated costs of technologies for potential social beneficial use oilfield waste produced water. Proposed projects are envisioned to attain product water of quality sufficient for “fit for purpose.” Learn More >>

Bringing Texas-Sized Solutions to Protect Public Health and the Environment

The Texas Produced Water Consortium (TXPWC) was established on June 18, 2021 by Senate Bill 601 with the purpose of bringing together information and resources to study the economics and technologies related to beneficial uses of produced water, including environmental and public health considerations. Texas Tech University, in coordination with the Government Agency Advisory Council and the Stakeholder Advisory Council, serves as administrative oversight for TXPWC.

The consortium will also develop an economic model for using produced water in a way that is economic and efficient and protects public health and the environment.  The consortium will provide guidance for establishing produced water permitting and testing standards and will suggest changes to law and administrative rules to better enable the use of produced water.  

For more information on the consortium or to express your interest in becoming a member, reach out to txpwc@ttu.edu. The TXPWC is required to work with the Government Agency Advisory Council to establish membership structures and fees.

Texas Produced Water Consortium