Texas Tech University

Outstanding Faculty

Student Disability Services would like to recognize the following faculty and/or instructors who have shown tremendous dedication and commitment to working with students with a disability.

All of these faculty members have been noted by students or SDS staff as outstanding, and we would like to thank them for their ongoing support.

Recognizing Outstanding Faculty

Instructor Department
Alnaser, Ibrahim Economics
Dr. Barenberg, Alan History
Baum, Jacob History
Carter, Justin Political Science
Carter, Russell Civil & Environmental Engineering
Chambers, Barbi Management
Dr. Conrad, Christian Art
Dahl, Johannes Geosciences
Dees, Jenny Music
Dr. Dini, Michael Biological Sciences
Fillipp, Shelley Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing
Garcia II, Cesar History
Gotlieb, Melissa Advertising
Hlavaty, Valerie Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing
Johnson, Stacy Human Development & Family Studies
Kadieva, Violeta Community Family and Addiction Services
Dr. Lee, Jeff Geography
Merrill, Junius Community Family and Addiction Services
Myers, Sarah History
Morrow, John T. Art
Nichols, Diane Exercise Sport Science
Phelps, Cynthia Social Work
Green, Chalice English / Philosophy
Reed, Michael Rawls College of Business
Dr. Reinsch, Paul Theatre and Dance
Ricketts, Robert Rawls College of Business
Dr. Saed, Muhammed Electrical and Computer Engineering
Shumway, Sterling Community Family and Addiction Services
Skidmore, Emily History
Dr. Watkins, James Architecture
Whitebread, Alan Rawls College of Business
Ziegner, Mitzi Human Development & Family Studies

Student Disability Services