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  • It's More than Just Content It's More than Just Content Our tutors and students work together to achieve success, both inside of the classroom and in the "real world."
  • Tutoring Tutoring Our tutors are all CRLA certified, and trained specifically to tutor students with AD/HD and Learning Disabilities
  • Academic Counseling Academic Counseling The Techniques Center offers Academic Counseling in addition to tutoring in order to best serve our students.
  • Our Students are Successful Our Students are Successful Students who remain in the TECHniques center have almost a 99% retention rate in TTU, and frequently graduate with high honors!


Why TECHniques?

Our students are consistently successful! Students who remain in the Center have an almost 99% retention rate in the university. As opposed to the many drop-in services offered at Texas Tech, the TECHniques center offers consistent, one-on-one tutoring throughout the week. Our tutors are all CRLA certified in order to best assist our students.

"I can only give my highest praises to the TECHniques Center at Texas Tech University. My success as an undergraduate student is directly correlated with the support provided by the staff in TECHniques Center..."

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It's More than Just Tutoring

The TECHniques Center is a fee-for-service program of Student Disability Services. The only tutoring program of its kind in Texas, the TECHniques Center provides supplemental academic support services to meet the needs of, and to promote the retention of, undergraduate students with documented evidence of Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders. The TECHniques Center supports students in maintaining their focus, accomplishing their educational goals, and making education accessible to those who learn differently.


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It's a Great Place to be a Tutor

TECHniques center tutors enjoy flexible hours and a convenient, on-campus location. Personal and vocational training is available for all of our tutors. Upon completing the required training, each of our tutors gains CRLA certification, which is an awesome resume item! Many of our tutors find that the tutoring strategies that they learn in order to assist their students also come in handy in their personal studies. Apply today!

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