Texas Tech University

Application and Acceptance Process

Students with documented evidence of a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD), and/or Autism Spectrum disorders are welcome to apply to the TECHniques Center. To be eligible to apply to the TECHniques Center, you must first complete the all steps to register with the main Student Disability Services office:

Admission to TTU

Potential students need to apply and be accepted to Texas Tech University through the Office of Admissions and School Relations. Applicants who do not meet the standard admissions requirements may want to attend a community college and transfer into Texas Tech University. For more information on applying to Texas Tech University, please visit Tech's Admissions website.

Apply to Student Disability Services

Students who wish to be considered for the TECHniques Center must first apply for and be approved for reasonable accommodations through Student Disability Services. They will need to complete the online application with Student Disability Services and submit it along with the documentation of the disability or diagnosis for which they are requesting accommodations. Note: To be considered for the TECHniques Center, documentation must include evidence of a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder (ADD or ADHD), and/or Autism Spectrum disorders.

Once approved for services through Student Disability Services, the student will then need to schedule and attend a required intake meeting with an assigned counselor in the Student Disability Services office. Classroom accommodations will be reviewed and explained during this meeting. Note: Even if a student has been accepted for services with the TECHniques Center, he or she may not begin tutoring until this intake process is complete.

Complete the TECHniques Center Application

The TECHniques Center also requires a short application. The last question on the Student Disability Services application will direct you to this page.

Apply to the TECHniques Center

Students who complete their Student Disability Services application, but do not complete this separate TECHniques Center application, will not be considered for the TECHniques Center.

Once students have applied and been approved for services with Student Disability Services (including submitting required documentation) and completed their TECHniques Center application, they will then be evaluated for our program for the semester in which they wish to enter and placed on the appropriate wait list. Space in the TECHniques Center is limited and students should expect to wait at least one to two semesters for space to become available.

If you are placed on the wait list for your desired semester, you are still eligible for services through the main Student Disability Services office, including classroom accommodations, drop-in tutoring, and SDS facilitated sections of of IS 1100: Raider Ready. The SDS facilitated sections of IS 1100: Raider Ready are designed to help students with disabilities at all phases of their academic career. These sections are taught by Student Disability Services and TECHniques Center staff and provide weekly support from an academic counselor. Students on the TECHniques Center waiting list are especially encouraged to enroll in one of these sections. For more information or to enroll, please contact Tamara Mancini at (806) 742-2405.

Acceptance into the TECHniques Center

Remember, acceptance to the TECHniques Center is based on the following:

  • Completed the Student Disability Services application process and approved for services.
  • Sufficient documented evidence of a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD), and/or Autism Spectrum disorders, as determined by approval by Student Disability Services.
  • Completed TECHniques Center application.
  • Completed Student Disability Services intake meeting (must be complete before tutoring can begin).
  • Signed and returned the Statement of Understanding (description below)

Once a student is accepted for the TECHniques Center, he or she will be notified via email. Please note that all communication regarding a student's acceptance into our program will be sent via the student’s official TTU email. Therefore, students should check your TTU email frequently.

This email will contain a Statement of Understanding which the student will need to complete and return by a specified date. This Statement of Understanding officially reserves the student’s spot in the TECHniques Center and provides billing and communication permissions. If the Statement of Understanding is not returned by the specified deadline, the student’s spot will be released to the next person on the wait list.

If you no longer wish to remain on the TECHniques Center wait list at any point, please notify us by calling (806) 742-1822 or emailing theTECHniques Center so that we may release your position to the next available student.

TECHniques Center