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Student Disability Services

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Applications for the 2019-2020 scholarships will be available March 4th on our Scholarships Page. Applications will need to be completed and returned by April 5th by 5PM. Check out our list of external disability-related scholarships for additional opportunities.

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Student Disability Services is more than accommodations.

Texas Tech University has one of the most comprehensive departments for students with disabilities in the state, where the Student Disability Services (SDS) staff provides a variety of accommodations and services for individuals with disabilities. Accommodations will be made in response to the specific disability.

With approximately 2,000 students registered for services, we encourage students to overcome challenges and attain personal and academic success while the SDS staff functions as a student advocate. Through active involvement with all areas of the University, SDS is able to monitor conditions relevant to students with disabilities and offer support in decisions affecting their quality of life.

In addition to the services offered by our main Student Disability Services office, SDS also offers a supplemental academic enhancement program for students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders, the TECHniques Center. The TECHniques Center is a fee-for-service program that provides one-on-one, regularly scheduled content and study skills tutoring, as well as weekly meetings with an academic counselor.

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IS 1100: Raider Ready

 Raider Ready logo has a large Red R with a black mask like the Masked Rider.Student Disability Services has partnered with Raider Ready to offer SDS facilitated sections of the IS 1100: Raider Ready course. These SDS sections are designed to help students with disabilities in the transition to college life and academics. These sections are taught by Student Disability Services and TECHniques Center staff members and provide another opportunity to help students registered with SDS to connect with our office. For more information or to enroll, please contact Blayne Alaniz at (806) 742-2405.


Student Disability Services promotes each student's learning experience by providing programs and services for students with disabilities and education of the campus community on issues related to students' disabilities.


The Department of Student Disability Services will become nationally recognized as the leader in enhancing student learning and development for students with disabilities through the provision of direct academic services such as classroom accommodations, tutoring, training, academic counseling, and ongoing campus training and education.

Important Information

ADA Syllabus Statement

Faculty, is the ADA statement on your syllabi up to date?

A standard and mandatory syllabus statement has been published for you to use (O.P. 34.22 and O.P. 10.08).

View the mandatory Americans with Disabilities Act Syllabus Statement.

Veterans with Disabilities

Because we know the transition from active duty to a college classroom can be challenging, SDS would like to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Resources to accommodate a disability can open up educational opportunities. You may email the SDS staff liaison for further information or contact the Military & Veterans Programs office at Texas Tech directly.

Web Accessibility

Texas Tech University is committed to making every possible effort to ensure all electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

If you cannot fully access the information on a particular page, please email SDS for assistance.

Faculty, to make your materials accessible, please follow the guidelines described on our accessibility web page.

For more information, please email the Associate Director, Blayne Alaniz, or call at 806.742.2405

Student Disability Services