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Thank you for your interest and support of students with disabilities at Texas Tech University. The staff of the Student Disability Services office have put together a manual of information and forms that we hope will be useful and informative for you. Our goal is to assist you when working with this population of students by providing you with information that will help you be more effective in your classroom, as well as helping the university maintain compliance with federal disability guidelines.

Please take a few moments to look through the handbook and familiarize yourself with the contents. We are hopeful this handbook will cover most of the questions and needs you will have as a faculty member. However, in the event you cannot find what you are looking for in this publication, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Disability Services office at (806) 742-2405. You may also drop by anytime and visit our office in room 335 of West Hall.

Thank you again for your assistance and support of these students. We appreciate you!

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