Texas Tech University

Realtime Transcription Services (RCART)

Real-time Transcription

Remote Communication Access Real-time Transcription (RCART) is designed to provide the Deaf or hard of hearing student with a real-time transcription of the lecture in the classroom or event. This process is accomplished by a remote connection which includes the following: laptop, internet, specialized software, receiver, transmitter, and microphone. Student Disability Services contracts with third party vendors that provide the Remote CART services. The transcriber is located off-site so the audio is transmitted through a lapel microphone to the receiver which then sends the signal via the internet. The transcriber listens to the lecture and types the text using captioning software which is then sent to the student's laptop through the internet so the student can read the lecture in real time.

An important point to consider is that the transcriber may or may not be able to hear other students in the classroom, and the Deaf student may not be able to ask questions or make comments. When working with a student who is using a Remote CART system, please remember to repeat questions or comments from the audience. The audience/students in the room are not wearing microphones; therefore, the questions will not be heard by the transcriber. When you repeat questions or comments, the student will have equal access to the classroom information via the transcription.

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