Texas Tech University

Faculty Responsibilities

Once a Letter of Accommodation has been received:

Faculty/Staff have the responsibility to comply with the provision of authorized reasonable accommodations in a reasonable and timely manner. Faculty/Staff members should meet individually with the student to discuss the details.

If a Letter of Accommodation has not been received:

If a student requests accommodations for a disability, but does not provide the supporting documentation in the form of a letter of accommodation, please refer the student to Student Disability Services. If an accommodation request is something that you would feel comfortable providing for any student (for example, closing the door to reduce distractions or providing seating near a window for natural light) the accommodation may be provided without consulting with Student Disability Services. However, it is advisable to refer any accommodation request that is questionable to Student Disability Services.

When the appropriateness of the accommodation is in question...

Please consult an academic counselor in Student Disability Services at (806) 742-2405 if you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of or the proper way to facilitate a particular accommodation.

Student Disability Services