Texas Tech University


"At first I only read the descriptions of my strengths and I felt amazed that I had been described so well. My amazement didn't end there however; in fact, that weekend I spent most of my time reading my personalized book. I went to the task lists for my strengths and realized there was a lot I haven't accomplished yet."

- Daniel Coomes, TTU Financial Planning Student

"One student told me she had competition as one of her top five qualities, so this past week she asked someone to be her workout buddy because she realized she wasn't working out because she couldn't compare herself to another person. So they're already using the information!"

- Dr. Katie Langford, TTU Communication Studies Professor

"StrengthsQuest improved my ability to understand who I am as a person. It applies to so many aspects of my life including: my success at school, becoming a better leader, and in my personal relationships. I think it is important for every student to take StrengthsQuest and use what they learn to guide them through daily life and the challenges and blessings it brings."

-Hannah Smith, TTU Mass Communications Student

"StrengthsQuest is awesome! It empowered me to understand myself and respond eloquently during the interview at my first Fortune 500 company, Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)! I also understand now how I best enjoy interacting and working with different types of people. I love StrengthsQuest! It has opened so many doors for conversations everywhere!"

-Matt Legler, TTU Engineering Student