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Our mission is to conserve water and soil for future generations by collaborating to identify those agricultural production practices and technologies that, when integrated across farms and landscapes, will reduce the depletion of ground water while maintaining or improving agricultural production and economic opportunities.

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16th Annual TAWC Field Day Meetin

TAWC will host its 2021 Field Day on Thursday, August 19, at the Fibermax Center of Discovery in Lubbock, Texas. This year's field day will focus on soil and water management; cover crops for row crops and cattle grazing; carbon markets; upcoming weather patterns; and legislative updates. Video and still shots of TAWC field sites will be displayed for discussion. The event will take place from 9:00am to 2:00pm, is free of charge, and lunch will be included.



7th Annual TAWC Water College

Presentations from our 7th Annual TAWC Water College can be viewed at the the links below. We hope to see you all in-person again at the Lubbock Civic Center for our next Water College. Please email us for presenters' contact information if you care to seek further information.

Prescription Irrigation and Seeding Rates
of Cotton in a Dry Year (2020)

Bob Glodt, President of AgriSearch & Glenn Schur, TAWC Cooperating Producer

Update from Texas Water Development Board

Brooke Paup, Texas Water Developemnt Board Director

Drought Tolerance in Corn Genetics

Jake Becker, Pioneer Seed Field Agronomist


Soil Health, Best Management Strategies
for Irrigating Corn, and Variable Rate Irrigation

Jeff Miller, Owner of ForeFront Agronomy

Covid-19 and Agriculture:
What Happened and Where Are We Going?

Darren Hudson, Combest Endowed Chair
of Agricultural Competitiveness, Texas Tech University

Cover Crop Benefits to Soil Health
- Part 1

Katie Lewis, Associate Professor of Soil Fertility - Texas Tech University:
Joint appointment - Texas A&M AgriLife Research

Cover Crop Benefits in Cattle Grazing
- Part 2

Paul De Laune, Professor of Environmental Soil Science,
Texas A&M AgriLife Research at Vernon

What Can We Expect in 2021?

Brian Bledsoe, Chief Meteorologist Colorado Springs
& President of BrianBledsoeWX

Adding Sustainable Cattle
Production to Your Rotation

Ben Holland, Director of Research and
Operations Analysis at Cactus Feeders

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