Texas Tech University

Brian Hirth, PhD

Research Faculty
National Wind Institute

Email: brian.hirth@ttu.edu

Brian Hirth


Brian Hirth has nearly a decade of meteorological field experience. A native of Columbia Station, Ohio, Brian holds a BS in Meteorology from Valparaiso University, and an MS and PhD in Atmospheric Science from Texas Tech. Brian was a principal investigator and the field coordinator for Projects WIRL 2004 and 2005, which examined the thermodynamic and kinematic structure of Rear Flank Downdrafts in tornadic and non-tornadic supercell thunderstorms. His PhD research involved using mobile research radar data to study the coastal transition zone in the hurricane boundary layer at landfall. He also developed the data acquisition software used on the StickNet platforms. Brian is currently a Research Professor within the Wind Science and Engineering Research Center, focusing on using the TTU Ka-band pulse compression Doppler radar systems to assess complex boundary layer flows associated with wind turbine wakes. He also provides web and operations support for the West Texas Mesonet and developed the data acquisition software for the WISE 200-m instrumented tower.