Texas Tech University


Focus Group for Enhancing Water Resource Management and Infrastructure Improvement Project

Texas Tech University

  1. Welcome – Dr. Hewett, Chair of Department of Computer Science
  2. Overview and introduction of meeting – Dr. Venki, Director, Water Resources Center
  3. PI give a brief statement of the purpose of the meeting
  4. Introduction of Participants - Please introduce yourselves, your organization, and briefly describe what your organization does
  5. Please share some of the strengths or outstanding qualities of your organization. In other words, what is a point you're most proud of; or what is special or unique about your organization


  • Discussion 1: Your concerns and major challenges
    • Why do you think you face these obstacles?
  • Discussion 2: Possible solutions
    • In an ideal world or situation, how could these challenges or obstacles be overcome?
  • Discussion 3: What can we do to help you?
    • What can we do to help to help you surmount these obstacles? (e.g., build a sharing platform, collect and analyze smart water meter data for smart pricing, or various machine learning approaches)


We are grateful to the National Science Foundation for the sponsorship of this project.

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