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Welcome to Detachment 820

Home of the Texas Tech Skyraiders. Our mission is develop the finest Air Force Leaders and Citizens of Character to Serve the Nation. You will be introduced to all the exciting and rewarding career opportunities in today's most innovative and technologically advanced Air Force, while finishing college with the degree of your choice. Our cadre will ensure you grow as an individual, both mentally and physically, while acquiring strong leadership skills that will benefit you as an Air Force officer. 

Urgent News from Detachment 820

The Air Force is actively looking for quality students graduating in the SPRING or SUMMER of 2018 or Fiscal Year 2019 to become high speed leaders in the world's greatest Air Force.  The table below shows the eligibility requirements:

RequirementField TrainingContracting
Cumulative GPA 2.0 2.0
Term GPA 2.0 2.0
AFOQT Verbal - 15, Quantitative - 10
DODMERB Certified and Qualified
PFA Passing
BMI/Body Fat Standards Meets by End of Spring Term Meets while Contracted
Meet Drug/Alcohol/Civil Involvement Criteria 

Here is how the program would work

  1. Eligible cadets will start the program the Fall 2017 semester, have a guaranteed ticket to field training (boot camp) for the summer of 2018, finish their degree Spring or Summer 2018 while taking the senior level Air Force classes, and come into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant upon completing field training.
  2. Eligible graduate students will start the program the Fall 2017 semester, have a guaranteed ticket to field training for the summer of 2018, work on their master's degree(do not need to finish grad school) while taking the senior level Air Force classes, and come into the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant after finishing the ROTC classes/completing field training.   
  3. Once cadets joining this program have met all the eligibility requirements, they will be contracted and start receiving the junior level tax-free stipend ($450/month). 


As a Texas Tech Skyraider

You will have the chance to become one of today's premier Officers in an exciting career field, such as: Intelligence, Pilot, Combat Systems, Air Battle Management, Engineering, Nursing, or Foreign Language Area Specialist. For more career opportunities click here. If you have any questions regarding AFROTC or the Air Force in general, please contact us at (806) 742-2143, send us an email to afrotc.det820@ttu.edu, or stop by our office, we are in Holden Hall Room 3 with office hours from 0800-1600 Mon-Fri. 

For more information on today's Air Force, click here.

Current as of 20 Jul 2017

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