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Joseph Aranha


M. Arch, Iowa State University
B. Arch, The Indian Institute of Technology

Two-time Fulbright and one-time Fulbright Specialist Joseph Aranha received his Bachelor of Architecture from the Indian Institute of Technology and his Master of Architecture from Iowa State University. Born in Bangalore, India, Arahna has spent his career studying the continuity of and change in traditional built environments in nonwestern societies—working in North and Sub Saharan Africa, Asia, South East Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. He joined the College of Architecture in 1981.


Researching both traditional and contemporary nonwestern architecture, Arahna's work presents an understanding of how traditional societies in the nonwestern world create space and form and how those same societies express culture, meaning, and symbolism through the architectural form rituals connected with the construction of buildings and the creation of identity. Examining these issues provides the architectural community with strategies and directions for designing a world confronted by rapid change and the loss of regional architectural identity.

Professor Aranha has also contributed entries to the Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World.


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