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Master of Science in Architecture


The Master of Science in Architecture degree is a research-based academic degree for students interested in advanced architectural studies. This degree does not prepare students to receive an architecture licensure. It is for students with an accredited professional B Arch, M Arch, or an approved bachelor's degree (such as a BS Arch or in another discipline).

Students who have non-architecture degrees and wish to enter the program and those who do not have a basic understanding of computing and computer-assisted design skills may be required to complete leveling work that will not accrue graduate credit toward their degree.

Digital Illustration of a poolside scene.
Digital illustration
Paper and wood model on a wooden deck.
Side view of a residential building.


About this Degree

This program requires students to complete 28 credit hours of graduate study and write and defend a thesis (6 hours).

After the first semester, students will be matched with a faculty member who will serve as their academic advisor and the chair of their thesis committee. The advisor will be responsible for guiding the student concerning electives, developing a thesis proposal, and selecting thesis committee members. All students seeking a degree must complete the program in residency, including the thesis. This is a 2-year program.

There are scholarships, fellowships, graduate assistantships and research assistantships available for graduate students.


Overhead CAD drawing of outdoor landscape.
Bentaub building drawing
Alternate view of the Bentaub building.
Render of man jumping into an indoor pool in a modern-style room.


Design & Healthcare Specialization

The D&H MS has two possible concentrations: Health & Wellness (HWD) or Healthcare Facilities Design (HFD). This program provides students with the design and analytic skills for designing space that positively affects patient outcomes and the efficiency and safety of healthcare environments.

Recommended Curriculum

Concept for landscaping, with call outs for necessary equipment.
Colored map with dot pattern background.
Territorial Exploitation map
Overhead render of riverside.


Urban & Community Design Specialization

The UCD MS seeks to understand the complex nature of the urban environment and solve complicated issues affecting American cities, such as sustainability, resiliency, preservation, and revitalization.

Recommended Curriculum

Isometric grid drawing.
Architectural abstract sculpture.
Hexagonal fan patterns.
Close up of a topographic map.


Digital Design & Fabrication Specialization

The DDF MS is positioned at the intersection of architecture, engineering, and computation, evaluating the potential of smart materials in solving and their effect on design, methods of computation as tools of the design process, product design, and technology application for architectural planning and problem-solving.

Recommended Curriculum

Side cutout view of Statue of Liberty.
Mountain landscape with an overhead view of El Paso region.
Double exposure of building, people, and birds with an architectural structure.
Monochrome overhead map of Lubbock, TX.


Admission Requirements

The admission application includes a portfolio of creative work (writing, design, drawing, photography, etc.) that reflects the student's level of design interest, intellectual inquiry, and communication skills. Academic requirements will vary depending on the specialization chosen. 

Graduates of the CoA's BS Arch program who had at least a 3.5 GPA at graduation are automatically accepted into the MS Arch program upon application. Students applying to the CoA who have an undergraduate degree other than a BS in Architecture from Texas Tech will be required to submit their transcripts for review and consideration.

Have questions? Contact architecture.student.services@ttu.edu.

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