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Bennett Neiman


M. Arch, Yale University
B. Arch, University of Cincinnati

Bennett Neiman holds an M.Arch (post-professional) from Yale School of Architecture (1983) and a B.Arch from the University of Cincinnati (1980). Professor Neiman has taught architectural design at several schools: University of Cincinnati (1981), North Dakota State University (1983-84), Miami University (1984-85), University of Texas at Arlington (1985-87), University of Tennessee (1991-1992), University of Colorado at Boulder (1998-99), Roger Williams University (1999-2000), University of Colorado at Denver (1987-2004), and Texas Tech (2004-present). He has conducted analog-digital design workshops at Carleton University (1994), University of Utah (1996 & 2001), California Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo (2001), Catholic University (2011-2013), Montana State University (2018). From 1978 until 1984 he worked with Professor David Niland (University of Cincinnati) on several built projects.


Since 1986, Professor Neiman has received several honors for a series of self-generated architectural design projects, competitions, and teaching involving improvisation, order, and variation on a theme. His studios and design workshops exploit the strengths of both traditional and digital media. He earned the American Institute of Architects Education Honors Award in 1994 for The Poetic Potential of Computers: Design and Architecture with the Macintosh and 1998 for Between Digital and Analog Civilizations: The Spatial Manipulation Media Workshop. He received the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Faculty Design Award, in 1990 for Surrealistic Landscapes and in 2006 for bebop SPACES, and an honorable mention in 2010 for Constructed Improvisations. His article Bebop Performances (2014) was published in Center 18: Music in Architecture–Architecture in Music. In 2015, his photomontage Super Relief was selected as a finalist in the 41st Annual Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition.


In 2018 Professor Neiman won a Juror's Choice Award for drawings he exhibited in the 2018 Juried Design Communication Exhibition (Oct. 5-20), which was part of the conference "Virtual + Actual: Process and Product of Design," The Design Communication Association Conference hosted by the Department of Design + Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, Oct. 7-10, 2018. Ithaca, NY.


1002F (Lubbock), by appointment

College of Architecture