Texas Tech University

Brian C. R. Zugay, PhD

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in History of Art and Architecture, Brown University
M.A. in History of Art and Architecture, Brown University
B.A. in Architecture and History, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Brian Zugay's research focuses upon the development and implementation of American church-building standards and production methods, which includes the devising of model church designs and stock plans during the nineteenth century and the "scientific" evaluation of a church building's efficiency during the early twentieth century. He also explores the historically adversarial relationship between religious denominations and the architectural profession concerning control over the design process. Dr. Zugay balances these institutional and professional concerns with the localized response of individual congregations to design directives. Through the analysis of material culture related to the church building, he further explores how congregants experience, interact with, and understand their houses of worship.



505 (Lubbock), T/TH 2PM-3PM

College of Architecture