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Hello Student,

The Texas Tech University Career Center kindly requests your participation in The WetFeet Career Benchmark. As a key partner to industry, Texas Tech University is one of only a select few of all educational institutions nationwide that were asked to have our students complete the survey.

Your participation helps to increase the visibility and marketability of Texas Tech University students to employers who recruit on campuses and helps the employers to work on a targeted approach when they recruit on our campus.

Moreover, our office will be provided with a report detailing your aggregate responses (individual responses remain anonymous). This can help our office better serve you and focus on attracting the companies that better serve your interests.

Finally, you will be compensated for your time with a career toolbox that features two free career guides, access to a career webinar library, and scholarship opportunities among others.

Click Here to participate
If that link doesn’t work go to: http://unisurv.co/benchmark

Many thanks for your participation!

Do you have any questions, something to share, or just difficulties with the link? Please send an email to: careerbenchmark@wetfeet.com

Christopher Campellone
University Relations Manager