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"A Spreadsheet-based analysis for two-dimensional transient laser heating of a cylindrical solid"

Mullen, T. A. and Pantoya, M. L.

Heat Transfer Engineering, Vol. 26, no. 2, pp. 63-74 (2005)

A two-dimensional transient conduction model was developed for cylindrical coordinates using a spreadsheet software package and an explicit finite difference scheme. The governing equations were derived using an energy balance approach in terms of thermal resistance and capacitance. An iterative macro was created to solve the governing temperature equations subjected to specific stability criteria. The model was used to predict the thermal behavior inside a cylindrical solid aluminum pellet subjected to Gaussian or uniform laser heating. This paper demonstrates the application of a common software tool to solve a variety of complicated heat transport problems associated with cylindrical geometries and provides such accuracy that the technique can readily be used for design purposes.