Texas Tech University

Maps & Remote Sensing

Patricia Solís


Patricia is the Director of the Center for Geospatial Technology at Texas Tech University. She is a geographer and expert mapper who cares deeply about empowering young people to become leaders in creating resilient communities and to help them define their world by mapping it. She is the Project Director of a consortium named Youth Mappers. In its first 8 months of network building, the consortium grew to 36 universities in 12 countries and made more than 4 million map edits for projects such as disaster relief in Ecuador, malaria prevention in Mozambique and Kenya, food security in Ghana and Bangladesh, and peace building in Colombia.

Guofeng Cao

Guofeng is the co-Director of the Center for Geospatial Technology at Texas Tech University. His expertise involves high performance spatial analysis, efficient 3D reconstruction and geovisualization, large-scale spatial database and spatial statistics. He has expertise in assessing spatio-temporal patters of land use change (i.e. what are the changes in an area and how fast are they changing?) from satellite imagery and the cause or attribution of this change (i.e. why are the changes occurring?). Guofeng was one of the founding contributors to SuperMap software (the leading GIS platform in China), where he led the research and development of China's award winning 3D GIS and spatial analysis software. Guofeng uses novel tools to address interesting questions, which varies from quantifying the urban extent and development patterns using a time series of nighttime imagery to using social media to map the global Twitter heartbeat and thereby track human mobility.

Zhe Zhu

Zhe is a land change scientist. He uses remote sensing, particularly on forests, urban development, and clouds. He specializes in time series analyses of satellite images, such as Landsat, to monitor changes in land use, and the mechanisms that led to these changes. He is an expert in Digital Image Processing to help him achieve his goals.