Texas Tech University

Higher Education Application Process

  1. Apply to the TTU Graduate School: Please complete and submit your application in the Liaison application portal. The application fee is $65.00.
  2. College Transcripts: The preferred way to submit transcripts is to upload to the Liaison application portal. You may also send transcripts to Joni Sanders at joni.sanders@ttu.edu. The Graduate School can no longer accept web printouts from student portals for application processing purposes.
  3. College of Education Requirements: The Higher Education program requires resume, three letters of recommendation, applicant statement, and responses to four writing prompts. For more information reference each component contact Joni Sanders at joni.sanders@ttu.edu. You may submit these components to the Liaison application portal.
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE): The GRE is required for all Higher Education doctoral programs. Official GRE scores must be sent from Educational Testing Services (ETS) to the Texas Tech Graduate School. ETS does not retain or provide scores that are over five years old. To register for the examination please visit GRE Testing. Texas Tech University code is 6827. If you have taken the GRE please submit the scores to the Liaison portal.
  5. Applications Deadlines – Graduate Certificate and Face to Face Master's: no set deadlines, but students are strongly encouraged to start as early as possible.

    Face to face master's students who wish to start in the spring semester are highly encouraged to contact one of our advisors to make sure the sequence of courses will align with their specific goals.
    • Online Master's program: April 1, 2019
    • Ed.D Program: March 1, 2019
    • Ph.D. Program: January 15 (Preferred). Applications considered on a rolling basis until April 1.
  6. Application Review and Decisions – once all application requirements are complete with the TTU Graduate School and the College of Education, your application will be sent to the program for review and decision. The timeline for this process varies based on degree. Applications are reviewed using a holistic approach considering all required elements of the application.

Contact Information for Prospective Students

Dr. Stephanie J. Jones
Program Coordinator
For Ph.D. and Ed.D questions

Joni Sanders
For admissions questions

David Jones
For academic questions