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Blackboard Portfolio Tool

Portfolios can be a valuable tool in academic and professional development, and are used to collect and organize "artifacts" (such as images, text, audio, video, music, etc.) representative of work completed over the time of the portfolio.

Create Portfolio 

Users can create multiple portfolios based on their specific needs. For example, you might have a Course Portfolio, an Academic Career Portfolio, and a Professional Development Portfolio. Blackboard portfolios are located outside the Blackboard course. Here are some Tips and Guidelines to consider about when creating a portfolio.

Add Artifacts to Portfolio 

Artifacts can be pulled directly from a Blackboard course assignment, along with grade and feedback if desired, or they can be documents uploaded directly from your computer.

Submit a Portfolio Assignment 

A student's portfolio can be submitted as an assignment when the instructor creates a Portfolio Assignment (Instructors - see instructions below).

Share Portfolio

Portfolios can be shared with other Texas Tech faculty, students, or staff as well as those outside the TTU Blackboard system  such as a prospective employer or for a graduate programs application at another university. Students may also share their portfolio with a specific course, often at the request of the instructor.

Download Portfolio 

Portfolios can also be downloaded to your computer so that you can retain the portfolio and the artifacts after you have graduated.

Instructor Tutorials

Create Portfolio Assignment 

An instructor of a course can assign portfolio projects or assignments. When the student submits the assignment, a static snapshot of the portfolio is then submitted for grading to the course.

Grade Portfolio Assignment

Grading a Blackboard Portfolio assignment is similar to grading a normal Blackboard assignment. The Portfolio will be viewable and can be accessed in the Grade Center. Portfolio submission assignments do not allow instructors to make direct annotations onto uploaded documents. Grading feedback to the student is provided in the Grading Panel sidebar, and is separate from the actual Portfolio. Therefore, carefully consider the purpose of the assignment when selecting a Portfolio submission assignment versus an Individual submission assignment.

Portfolio Tips and Guidelines

  • Create an outline for your portfolio. Consider organizing your thoughts and initial design on paper first.
  • Start collecting your artifacts such as video, graphics, audio, links etc. early.
  • Look at some portfolio examples to get some ideas on building your portfolio and what you'd like to capture.
  • Grammar, spelling, and citation are critical components of your writing – make sure that you use a spell checker and get help for grammar. TTU University Writing Center, TTU Library Citation
  • Download and keep a backup copy of your portfolio(s) on your computer.
  • A Portfolio assignment cannot be added directly from the course until it has been graded or approved by the instructor of the course.
  • The appropriate use of copyrighted works is extremely important! TTU Library Copyright
  • Follow the appropriate Accessibility guidelines. TTU Online Accessibility