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Once the student has been granted admission to the Graduate School, it is expected to register for coursework. Students can register online at the Raiderlink portal for students. It is a good idea to read the University TTU Graduate Catalog before starting your studies. You also may want to check the home page of the graduate school, which includes their email address. The proposed schedule of courses should be approved by an advisor in the Department of HESS. Normal full-time enrollment in fall and spring is 9 hours; summer term is 3 hours.

For information on Tuition and Fee payment click here.

Graduate Student Assistantship

Students admitted to the master's degree programs in the Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences often are provided financial support in the form of graduate assistantships, most often as Teaching Assistants (TAs) but, occasionally Research Assistants (RAs) are available. Teaching and research assistants must pursue a course of study in one of the areas of graduate specialization within the Department of HESS. Our goal, when possible, is to commit financial support to every full-time student (minimum of 9 graduate hours per semester) who wants such support and who has sufficient academic credentials to gain admission to the graduate program. Although students assigned a Graduate Temporary (GTemp) status may apply and potentially receive a Teaching Assistantship, those students fully accepted into the graduate program will be given primary consideration. It is expected that graduate assistants work on a half-time basis (20 hrs/week) in addition to maintaining a full-time class schedule.

As a T.A., the student must be enrolled in 9 hours in the semester they teach in a long semester. In the summer, a T.A. must be enrolled in 3 hours in the session they teach. Upon approval of the graduate school, the student may be allowed to carry as few as 1 hour of course work in the semester they teach provided they are graduating that same semester.

Teaching Assistantships

Master's degree students receiving teaching assistantships are typically assigned to instruct a variety of activity classes in the Personal Fitness and Wellness (PF&W) program. Every effort will be made for TAs to teach classes in which they have had previous experience or knowledge. Additionally, TAs may be assigned to instruct some undergraduate laboratory classes. Laboratory classes are taught in conjunction with lecture classes conducted by faculty members. As a lab instructor, the TA will work under the supervision of the faculty member.

To be considered for a Teaching Assistantship fill out the application.

Teaching/Research Assistantship Benefits

All students holding graduate TA or RA positions receive several benefits including exemption of out-of-state tuition, some fee waivers, and health care. TAs and RAs, also receive fee waiver benefits for the summer session as long as they are enrolled in a graduate class during the summer session they teach. In addition, graduate teaching assistants receive a stipend and other benefits as nine-month employees of the University. During 2007-2008, the stipend for TAs, fully accepted into the program, is $8599 for nine months which equates to a full academic year. If a GTemp is assigned TA status, they will receive a stipend for only one semester. If the GTemp becomes a fully accepted student during a semester, they may apply for continued TA status to begin the following semester. Moreover, the possibility of teaching summer classes exists but depends on the availability of funding. Of note for consideration is that Lubbock , TX has been cited as possessing significantly lower cost of living than other Big XII conference cities like Austin , Boulder , and College Station.

Teaching/Research Assistantship Evaluation

The assistantship stipends follow University guidelines and are subject to change each year. Students must maintain a B average or better and perform assigned duties in a satisfactory manner to retain a graduate assistantship. Performance is reviewed each semester.

The Work-Study Program

We encourage all incoming graduate students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ) to determine whether they are eligible for work study funds or other types of financial assistance. For full consideration, students should also submit a completed financial aid application (FAFSA) by mid-January. (Other elements of the application should be received by January 31st.) For forms or further information consult the Financial Aid Office. Work-study is a program provided by the federal government that allows this University to employ students based on their financial aid eligibility. The awarded amount is NOT applied directly to registration expenses. It should be noted that students receiving work-study can apply that amount to working as a Teaching or Research Assistant. If work-study is awarded the amount does not have to be paid back after graduation from the program. Additionally, it will not go against your financial aid eligibility in future years. Also, it is important that the student understand that work-study approval guarantees the TA a teaching position in one or both summer terms.

The Work-Study Program is funded by federal or state funds. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for information on this alternative source of graduate student funding. More information contact Federal Work-Study at (806) 742-3721 ext. 241, Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:30pm.

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