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Professor in the Department of Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences at Texas Tech University

University of Madrid

The Active Female: Health Issues throughout the Lifespan A new publication by Springer with international recognition.


ACSM Metabolic Calculations Tutorial

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Biofeedback Tapes and Instructional Material

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Clinical Exercise Physiology & Exercise Physiology Comprehensive Objectives

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EKG Practice Strips and Tutorials

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ESS 3305 Lab Manuals (Temporary)

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Heart Rate Variability PDF Articles

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Internships in Clinical Exercise Physiology 5002

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Lab Safety Materials

Online Training

Anyone working in BSL LAB LEVEL II who is handling human or animal blood MUST participate in Biosafety Training at TTU Environmental Health and Safety.

Please log your training in the Emergency Procedures Manual in the Physiology Laboratory and print out your certificate and give it to Jacalyn McComb at the ESC room 203 or file it in the Emergency Procedures Manual in the Physiology Laboratory.

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Maximal Oxygen Consumption Prediction Equation

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Contact Information

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McComb, Jacalyn, Ph.D. McComb, Jacalyn, Ph.D. Professor Exercise Physiology