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Stop watch Welcome to one of the most effective methods for testing adult fitness levels, the adult fitness test. Adolescent physical inactivity has steadily increased throughout the United States for the past few decades. Physical inactivity in adolescence is strongly associated with obesity in adulthood. Roughly 58 million Americans are categorized as overweight, 40 million as obese, and 3 million as morbidly obese. Specifically, 8 out of 10 young American adults (mid-20s) are clinically categorized as overweight. An estimated 78% of Americans are not meeting recommended physical activity levels, and 25% live completely sedentary lifestyles. As a result, sedentary behaviors have been significantly linked to several health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and metabolic disorders. Onset of sedentary lifestyles has shown to progress from adolescence into early adulthood.

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