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Step 1. Update Adobe Reader

Click here to update your FREE Adobe Reader.

Note: Uncheck Google toolbar unless you want it installed.

Get Adobe Reader


Step 2. Choose Your Track

It is now MANDATORY for all freshmen, sophomore and juniors (not on a degree plan) to submit the Track Planning Form electronically, before the hold on your account will be removed. If a meeting is necessary, you will be contacted by an advisor.



Step 3. Check-Off Courses

On the Track Planning Form you downloaded in Step 2, check-off the courses you have completed. Click the Submit Button button on the Track Planning Form to electronically return the form to an advisor.


Step 4. Go Online

Click here to go to your TTU Raiderlink.

Write down the CRN numbers for the courses you chose in Step 4. If your courses are not listed, they are closed or are not offered for the semester you are registering. Please choose an alternate course and write down its CRN number.


Step 5. Pick Your Courses

Download the Planning Sheet.

Decide which courses you want to take and fill-out the planning sheet. The CRN numbers are for Step 5. Choose alternatives in case your class is full or is not offered for the semester.

Click here for a list of courses.


Step 6. Contact an Advisor

Make an appointment with an advisor. Bring your completed Track Planning Form & Planning Sheet with you.

Jodi Dillard
Senior Undergraduate Advisor
Exercise & Sport Sciences, Rm 150
(806) 834-0811
Schedule an appointment


Treasa Austin
Undergraduate Advisor
Exercise & Sport Sciences, Rm 142
(806) 834-4761
Schedule an appointment


Dana Wagnon
Undergraduate Advisor
Exercise & Sport Sciences, Rm 149
(806) 834-2278
Schedule an appointment


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