Early Head Start Fund

Early Head Start is a comprehensive child-care program for infants and toddlers from families with low-incomes. Families with children 6 weeks to three years receive high quality child care, home visits, nutritious, cooked meals, developmental assessments, health screenings, and parent education. All services are free of charge.

Early Head Start is a federally funded program; however, 20% of our funding must come from the community.

Donations to the Early Head Start Fund help support the operational costs of our program. All contributions go directly toward annual program costs providing services to children. Donations help us buy equipment that we need but could not otherwise afford, including adaptive equipment for children with special needs, playground equipment, and heaters for the classrooms.

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La Nelle Ethridge Children's Fund

La Nelle Ethridge was the founding Director at Early Head Start and remains very involved in our program. To honor La Nelle's devotion to Early Head Start, the La Nelle Ethridge Children's Fund was established upon her retirement in 2009. This fund directly supports children in need. Donations help us buy clothing and other supplies for children.

Your donation supports infants and toddlers and families who aim to improves the lives of their children. Thank you very much!

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