Texas Tech University

Take an Outdoor Learning Field Trip to the Outdoor School

The Outdoor School at Texas Tech University in Junction, Texas is devoted to creating innovative educational experiences that immerse learners into authentic, real-world, hands-on activities that stimulate imagination and understanding of difficult abstract concepts. Outdoor School Kids

The Outdoor School is an extension of the classroom - please don't mistake us for a camp. We offer instructional field trips in the great outdoors! The units taught are aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The Outdoor School takes pride in providing the equipment and environment needed to perform meaningful field investigations. These tools are beneficial for learning and may not be accessible to the classroom teacher on school campuses.

The Outdoor School provides a learning experience for the student as well as staff development for the classroom teacher. Working together, outdoor instructors and classroom teachers can provide students with an outstanding education that they will remember for a lifetime. The Outdoor School is a priceless experience for every student and classroom teacher.