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The Outdoor School is devoted to creating innovative educational programs. We provide a setting where children become engaged with the natural world and discover the joy of learning. Students become immersed in authentic real world, hands-on activities that stimulate imagination, develop a curiosity about life and create an environment to share discoveries.

The Outdoor School is staffed by certified teachers and a trained support staff who all work with your child's classroom teacher to monitor and care for your child for the duration of their stay.

Why should your child go to The Outdoor School?

  • The Outdoor School is an extension of the classroom and is important in preparation for your child's middle school years.
  • The programs are designed to reinforce your child's fifth grade curriculum.
  • The Outdoor School has a strong relationship with superintendents, curriculum directors, principals and teachers in order to design programs that meet state educational standards and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

The students will attend The Outdoor School for 2-4 days. During this stay, students will become scientists: Astronomers, Ornithologists, Aquatic Biologists, and Pedologists. Students will collect and record data throughout the week.

Will my child receive excellent physical care?

  • Yes, the facilities provide heating and cooling for comfort.
  • Yes, there are nutritious meals served in a wonderful dining hall.
  • Yes, the instructors will assure that children get rest and have a clean environment.
  • Yes, if your child has any special health problems such as allergies, diet, medicine or sleepwalking, he/she will be properly cared for in the time of need. The matter will be kept confidential.

We are sorry, but parent visits are discouraged at The Outdoor School due to possible interruptions of scheduling and instruction. If you have an emergency or any questions, please call:

8am to 5pm (Outdoor School Office): 325-446-2301

Please feel free to mail your child a letter. Mail cards and letters the weekend before your child attends The Outdoor School to ensure they receive their mail while here.

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