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Classroom Teachers

Extension of the Classroom

The Outdoor School functions as an extension of the classroom. Our faculty strives to build upon and complement your curriculum through the collaborative delivery of The Outdoor School programs.

By design, our programs reinforce and extend classroom activities. The classroom teacher is the connecting link between the classroom and the students' outdoor school experience. Participating teachers gain new insights about their students, meaningful connections between the outdoor experience and activities experienced in the classroom, and the opportunity to change the environment of the classroom.

The Outdoor School Instructors specialize in residential outdoor schooling and collaborate with the classroom teachers to design curriculum. Curriculum is delivered by The Outdoor School faculty with the direct participation of the classroom teacher.


While at the Outdoor School, the role of the classroom teacher is to provide support during all lessons and activities. Classroom teachers are also expected to spend the night with their students and use professional, positive attitudes just as they would in the classroom. The classroom teacher serves as the liaison in securing Required Forms from students and their parents.

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