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Effect of Pulsatile Pressure and Long Sleep Duration on Cerebral Vascular Function

Investigator(s):Joaquin U. Gonzales (PI), Eric Rivas (co-investigator), Heather Vellers (co-investigator)


Funded by the American Heart Association, Innovative Project Award

This project is aimed at understanding the impact of aortic blood pressure changes during sleep on function of blood vessels in the brain. In particular, this project will assess the effect of pulsatile blood pressure patterns combined with long sleep duration on the reactivity of the blood vessels in the brain. This information would help us understand the reason why long sleep duration increases the risk for heart attack and stroke in older adults.

Examining social and ecological correlates of physical activity in rural elderly people: Focusing on rural counties in Northwest Texas

Investigators: Youngdeok Kim (PI) and Marc Lochbaum (Co-I)


Funded by TTU VPR 2019 Scholarship Catalyst Program

The research will focus on identifying social and ecological correlates of elderly physical activity in rural West Texas. The overall goal is to gain knowledge and a foothold in the rural West Texas communities for future physical activity focused intervention research.

East Lubbock Promised Neighborhood

Investigator:Marc Lochbaum (Co-I, PI Physical Activity Portion of Grant)


Funded by US Department of Education

The East Lubbock Promised Neighborhood grant is a large scaled grant with many components. Dr. Lochbaum's focus is structuring high quality after school physical activity programs for children and youth in East Lubbock, Texas as one component of helping to improve daily physical activity as well as correlates such as school attendance, in class behaviors, and academic performance. Additionally, Dr. Lochbaum provides physical activity programming for adults in the community and schools.

Physical Activity Patterns and Related Health Outcomes of Omani Elementary Children in The Context of Attending School

Investigators:Marc Locbaum(PI), and Youngdeok Kim(Co-PI)


Funded by the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center

The grant will be used to study the physical activity levels and related important health measures (e.g., sedentary behaviors, sleep quality, body composition, and perceived physical abilities) and environmental constraints (e.g., school policies) in Omani children during 2017 – 2018 academic years.

A Financial Evaluation of Chattanooga Football Club for Prospective Investors

Investigator:N. David Pifer


Funding received from Chattanooga Football Club

Purpose: this was a consulting project that required a financial value to be placed on Chattanooga Football Club (National Premier Soccer League) as it looked to secure additional funding from prospective investors. The club's financial statements and industry-related metrics were researched and analyzed in order to determine a range of acceptable values. These values and their key drivers were then summarized and presented in a detailed repor

Time-Restricted Feeding and HMB Supplementation During Resistance Training in Active Females

Investigator:Grant Tinsley (PI)


Funded by MTI Biotech, Inc.

This study is a randomized controlled trial designed to examine the effects of time-restricted feeding (TRF), with or without beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) supplementation, on body composition, resting metabolism and muscular performance in active females following a progressive resistance training program and high-protein diet for 8 weeks

Actions of dietary tocotrienols on obesity: a pilot clinical study

Investigators:Grant Tinsley (Co-I), Chwan-Li Shen (PI; TTUHSC), Amir Aryaie (Co-PI; TTUHSC), Bruce Watkins (Co-I; UC Davis), Jaehoon Lee (Co-I; TTU)


Funded by the TTUHSC School of Medicine Collaborative Research Seed Grant program ($20,000) and American River Nutrition ($70,000). The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that a dietary mixture of 90% δ-tocotrienols + 10% γ-tocotrienols will reduce fat mass, improve lipid metabolism, and modify indices of omega-6 or omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid-derived oxylipins in obese postmenopausal women.

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