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Library Student Advisory Board

Undergraduate and graduate students who serve as advisors on the Board share their ideas, opinions and experiences of using the University Libraries. They have the opportunity to advocate for the perspectives of student library users and make a positive impact at Texas Tech. Advisors have the following responsibilities:

  1. Provide their personal input on current and new library services, spaces, resources, events and policies
  2. Promote library services, resources, and events
  3. Participate in user research projects to evaluate library services
  4. Educate fellow students about the library

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Current research projects

Every month, we choose an area of Library services to ask you about. Check back next semester to participate in our latest survey.

Volunteer for future studies

We're interested in how you use your Library. Here's an opportunity to share your feedback. We're continually looking for people to participate in our user research projects such as focus groups, usability studies, and surveys. If you want us to notify you next time we announce a call for participants, please provide your contact information below. 

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