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Narratives of Modern Genocide

Narratives of Modern Genocide

Now open: Narratives of Modern Genocide, an exhibit curated by the Texas Tech University Honors College and the Museum of Texas Tech University with the generous support of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.

At a moment when violence, fear, xenophobia, ethnic conflict, and inhumanity seem to invade the front page of every newspaper, website, and blog, stories that remind us of our fragility, of our 'unbreakability', of our innate strength and our inherent weaknesses, help us to remember that hope, faith, and compassion are weapons in these troubled times.  The narratives of the survivors of modern genocide, in their complexity and simplicity, offer us a unique opportunity to dialogue with a wider public about the privileges we enjoy, the possibilities we overlook, and the promises we make to one another.  

The Narratives of Modern Genocide exhibit shares the lessons these people have brought to Texas, how they are accessing opportunity, how they are telling their tales, and how their tragic past histories are lighting new paths for their communities.

For more information on the Narratives of Modern Genocide Project, please contact Aliza Wong at aliza.wong@ttu.edu.

Open through February 2020.