Holden Exhibit

Curry Holden - A Landmark Visionary

Dr. Curry Holden,
the first Director of the
West Texas Museum
(now the Museum of Texas Tech University),
is credited with
the discovery of Lubbock Lake in 1936.

It all started when the young Kimmel cousins
brought him a Folsom point found there.  Throughout
the decades, Holden’s research championed protection
of the Lubbock Lake site.

He oversaw excavations,
worked with community leaders, and raised
community awareness with his own guided tours
into the early 1970s.  His ceaseless efforts
are chronicled in celebration of the
Landmark’s 80th anniversary of discovery. 
His vision is the foundation for the Landmark’s
current mission and success.

Explore the distinguished career of the man who was
a driving force behind many efforts to research
and preserve the region’s history. 
On exhibit through Sunday, October 2, 2016.

This year, Curry Holden - A Landmark Visionary joins our other exhibits that explore the history, science, landscape, and cultures of the Landmark.