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Museum by Night

Museum by Night: Illuminating Ideas is an exciting new creation of evening events at the Museum of Texas Tech University for the adventurous adult, young and old. Each evening explores thematic experiences of living. Doors will be opened to novel perspectives, discussions, performances, and more, drawing from the community, University, and museum collections. Be inspired by artists, poets, theologians, writers, scientists, historians, and each other. Enjoy immersion: create, think and explore!

November 15
6-8 p.m.
Free admission and parking

FEAR: Why Frogs Don't Get Fat: Predators, Fear and Feeding in the Wild

Museum by Night for November revolves around fear and the exhibition "Why Frogs Don't Get Fat: Predators, Fear and Feeding in the Wild." The Exhibition examines what it's like to live in the real world of nature.

The Elegant Savages Orchestra, the self-described fictional alter ego of the Texas Tech Celtic Ensemble will perform. The group assumes a different personna each year. This year the ESO is "The 1912 New orleans Creole/ Vodun' Band."

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Museum by Night is presented by the Museum of TTU and is made possible with the assistance from the Helen Jones Foundation, Inc. Direct comments or questions to jill.hoffman@ ttu.edu.