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Campers will be signing up for electives AT CAMP. After the audition results are posted, students will choose from the classes that fit into their final schedule, rather than being assigned by the camp staff. 

Electives that require an audition, such as Orchestra Winds/Percussion and Chamber Music for Strings, will take place during the regular audition. Students will indicate to their judges that they would like to be considered and results for those electives will be posted with the regular ensemble results. 

Jazz Band is the only elective that will require a separate audition at camp. 

About Elective Classes

In addition to their regular schedule of rehearsals and sectionals, students take either 1 or 2 elective classes, listed below, that they attend every day. This allows campers to explore different areas of interest or play in new types of ensembles. 

We offer classes for all levels of playing ability; however, some electives are limited to advanced players or have other requirements as listed in the description.
*Classes that require an audition or placement test

  • *ALL-STATE STRING PREP - For high school string players, by audition only. An introduction to the Texas all-state audition material for the upcoming year. Placement in this class will be determined during your regular audition at camp and will be posted with the other chamber music ensemble results. 
  • *CHAMBER MUSIC FOR STRINGS - Small ensembles of strings. For Advanced Students Only. Placement in this class will be determined during your regular audition at camp. Results will be posted on Sunday evening and those not placed in a chamber group will be place in a different elective.
  • COLOR GUARD - Beginning and advanced classes. Beginning class will cover only the fundamentals of flag. Advanced classes will cover advanced flag skills as well as possibly rifle skills, depending on class makeup and interest level. Advanced class is open to high school students only. 
  • CONDUCTING - Learn the basic beat patterns of directing.
  • DRUM MAJOR - To learn either the fundamentals or advanced concepts of conducting, teaching, & leadership.
  • HARP, (Introduction to) - Learn the basics of harp. Open to all age groups. This class is limited to a small number of students
  • IMPROVISATION (Jazz) - For advanced jazz players to learn to play impromptu solos. Limited to grade 10 & up. You may also enroll in Jazz Band.
    • BRASS CHOIR - Small ensemble of trumpets, horns, trombones, baritones & tubas - May also audition for orchestra
    • CLARINET CHOIR - Small ensemble of Bb­, alto, bass and contra alto/bass clarinets
    • FLUTE CHOIR - Small ensemble of flutes
    • HORN CHOIR - Small ensemble of horns
    • PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE - Small ensemble of percussion instruments. You may also audition for orchestra or jazz band. For Advanced Students Only
    • SAX CHOIR - Small ensemble of alto, tenor & bari saxes
    • STRING BASS ENSEMBLE - Chamber ensemble for string bass students
    • TROMBONE CHOIR - Small ensemble of trombones
    • TRUMPET CHOIR - Small ensemble of trumpets
    • TUBA/EUPHONIUM ENSEMBLE - Small ensemble of tubas & euphoniums
  • *JAZZ BAND - Sax, trumpet, trombone, rhythm & percussion students. Placement in the Middle School or High School jazz band will be by audition only. The jazz audition is separate from the ensemble audition.  
  • LEADERSHIP - Class to learn the skills necessary for positions such as officer & section leader. 
  • *ORCHESTRA/WINDS & PERCUSSION - For ADVANCED wind & percussion students interested in performing with a full orchestra. BY AUDITION ONLY.  Students that make this ensemble can also take jazz band or any of the other non playing electives. 
  • PIANO, (Introduction to) - An introduction to piano basics. This class will cover beginning concepts such as identifying keys on a keyboard and correct hand placement. 
  • REED MAKING FOR BASSOON AND OBOE - Class limited to bassoonists and oboists who wish to learn to make & adjust reeds. Suggested for 9th grade & above. Warning: Sharp utensils will be used in this class. It is advisable for students to provide their own tools if possible. **Please note, this class requires an additional $15 fee for materials**
  • RHYTHMIC STUDIES - Learn basic elements of rhythm & counting.
  • ROCK MUSIC HISTORY - An exploration of the development of Rock and Roll styles, from their roots in rhythm and blues up to recent trends, through examination of recordings and videos from representative eras.
  • *THEORY - To learn either the fundamentals of theory including scales, key signatures, intervals, chord structure, & simple melodic dictation or the more advanced aspects of complicated chord structures, key schemes, intervals, & melodic dictation. All Theory students will be required to take a placement exam on registration day.
  • TWIRLING - To learn baton techniques. Will be offered at all levels.
  • UKULELE - Ukulele class for all level of player. Students must bring their own ukulele