Texas Tech University

Louis M. Dieckow Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1997 by Mrs. Helen C. Dieckow of Boerne, Texas this scholarship honors the memory of her late husband Louis M. Dieckow.

Mr. Dieckow was an avid wildlife enthusiast. His love for wildlife was well-known to his family and friends. Mr. Louis M. Dieckow died in 1990. The Dieckows would often take trips to hunt mule deer in Colorado, and white tail deer in East Texas or the Hill Country. This endowment perpetuates the memory of his enthusiasm and interest in wildlife by supporting students endeavoring to commit their education and professional careers to the study of wildlife and the advancement of wildlife issues.

Mrs. Dieckow has also honored the memory of their son, Tom, who died in 1996, with a separate scholarship endowment in the Department of Art at Texas Tech University. Tom Dieckow began painting animals, a hobby that paved the way to a career as the art director for the Houston Zoo, where he designed the backdrops and signs for animal exhibits. In speaking of her son's love of animals she said--"he took care of animals that were lost or sick. He always had a dog and cats, anything he could get his hands on".

Mrs. Dieckow's birthday is July 24, 1911. She was 88 years old in 1999 and was very active, undertaking a trip to Switzerland with several lady friends who she referred to as "The First Ladies", a group who were all former Frost National Bank employees. Mrs. Mary Warhole is Mrs. Dieckow's granddaughter and frequently accompanies Helen when she comes to the CASNR Annual Pig Roast in October. Mary's son Ryan was 12 years old in 1999 and had an interest in possibly coming to Texas Tech to major in Wildlife Management. He lived in Beaumont, Texas at that time. In the fall of 2001 Mrs. Dieckow suffered a mild stroke which has caused her to "slow down" and has considerably limited her travels.

The scholarship is awarded annually to wildlife management majors selected for their interest in wildlife, their personal accomplishments, and their high academic achievement. All classifications are eligible for this award. The number and amount awarded each year varies.

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