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Available positions

Graduate Assistantship (Ph.D.) Texas Tech University: Disease Risk Modeling and Genetic Structuring of Desert Bighorn Sheep in Texas

Graduate Research Assistantship (Ph.D.) Texas Tech University:
Avian and Vegetation Community Response to Prescribed Thinning of Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands

NRM is . . .

a community of students, educators, and researchers learning to face challenges and make wise choices about our environment. Natural resources like clean water, fish, wildlife, and recreational opportunities are always in demand. We make management decisions about these resources by applying ecological principles and knowledge. Our goal is to balance the current needs of people with sustainability or future availability of resources. We offer degree programs at the BS, MS, and PhD levels which prepare students for professional careers in Natural Resources Management.


The Department of Natural Resources Management at Texas Tech University wants everyone to know that we are proud to support our students, faculty and staff with their diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. At Texas Tech, we are "committed to the inherent dignity of all individuals and the celebration of diversity. We foster an environment of mutual respect, appreciation, and tolerance for differing values, beliefs, and backgrounds" (TTU 2010-2020 Strategic Plan). We remain committed, now and in the future, to supporting all members of our community and standing against intolerant behavior, and we urge our students, faculty and staff and all others associated with our department to do so as well.

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Department of Natural Resources Management